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Amchur Powder

Amchur Powder

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ShreeGun Amchur Powder is made from dried unripe green mangoes that is used as a citrusy seasoning. Sweet and tangy with honey like fragrance, amchur powder is a predominant flavouring spice powder in North Indian dishes.


For good result used it in stir fried vegetable dishes, soups, curries, chutney, pickle and to tenderize meat and poultry. It is used to add a fruit flavour without adding moisture, or as a souring agent. Also use it in marinates along with other spices. To make a chilled beverage use 1tbsp of Amchur Powder with 1tbsp sugar/honey along with 250ml of water. Add pinch of crushed roasted cumin seed. Mix well and serve chilled.

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